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*Formerly wesemanns sand & stone. 

Dump Truck Deliveries. 


     We use this for all our bulk material and will dump in requested areas.*


     On larger quantity orders customers have the option of a drop up to 25 yards or lesser quantity drops in a smaller truck. Please note, smaller drops may be subject to additional delivery fees. For all deliveries please also take into consideration that all trucks need at least a 12-14 foot gate opening to be able to fit thru upon delivery.  


     When the trucks are loaded they may leave ruts in the ground and can possibly sink when on softer surfaces.*


      Please be aware when customers request special drop instructions (ie: unpaved roads, grass and/or tight spots) they take all responsibility for any damages. Such as, ground ruts, underground irrigation and septic tanks etc.

We deliver for both commercial & residential properties on Eastern Long Island.  

Flatbed Delivery.

     The flatbed truck is used primarily for pallet deliveries.


This also provides a forklift so the driver can transport the materials to a designated area.


     As with other deliveries the forklift also has its limitations. As with our trucks this heavy piece of machinery may leave ruts in the ground especially if it is soft or wet.


* Please note that the forklift may not fit thru gates or other narrow areas. We ask that you be flexible when you are considering where you would like your materials dropped. Also please note that our trucks drive over sidewalks & property at customer's own risk and when delivering we are not responsible for any damage that might result from any service.


Thank you in advance and we look forward to doing business with you!

Pick up

         We also have pick up service available for all bulk and non-bulk materials on premise. When being loaded in yard hard materials may cause damage to vehicle if no protective barrier is used. This is the customer’s responsibility and we shall not be held responsible.


  We are not responsible for any damages upon loading and ask that you take into consideration how to prepare for picking up any of the goods.


* All drop areas are at the discretion of our drivers.

They determine if the desired area is accessible and safe for the customer, driver and truck.

    Any Discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours of receipt.