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*Formerly wesemanns sand & stone. 

Bulk Masonry Material:

  • Fine Sand

  • Concrete Sand

  • Clean Fill

  • RCA

  • State RCA

  • Concrete Screenings


Bulk Landscape Material


  • Natural

  • Black

  • Chocolate

  • Red


High-quality supplies for your landscaping needs...


      Whether you want a lush green lawn or colorful flowers in your garden, you need great-quality soil, mulch, and compost to make it happen! You can count on Eastern landscape & mason supply — a family-owned and operated business — to make your landscaping project a success.

Your reliable source for soil, mulch, and more...


        Whatever your outdoor project, you can find the right material and expert advice. We have a wide range of soil, mulch, and compost to suit your landscaping needs. Just come in and take a look or give us a call. We are always here to help.  

     Get the results you want by using our nutrient-rich certified organic compost in your garden. Whether you're a homeowner or a contractor, you'll find solutions to all your needs with us!

Bulk Decorative Stone Gravel:

  • 3/8 Grit / Pea Gravel

  • ¾ Gravel

  • 3/8 Blue Stone

  • ¾ Blue Stone

  • Bluestone Screenings

  • 3/8 Burgundy Stone

  • ¾ Burgundy Stone

  • ½ White Marble Chip

  • ¾ White Marble Chip

  • Pocono River Rock 2.5'-3.5'' or 3/4

  • Timberlite

  • Drainage Rock 1/2'-2" approx.

  • Topsoil

  • Organic Compost

3/4 Bluestone

3/8 Bluestone

3/4 Washed Gravel

Pea Gravel - 3/8 Gravel

3/4 Burgundy Stone

3/8 Burgundy Stone

1/2 White Stone

3/4 White Stone


Large Pocono River Rock 1.5"-3"


Black Mulch

Natural Mulch

Chocolate Mulch

Red Mulch

Small Pocono River Rock 5/8"-1.5"

Bluestone Dust

Need help figuring out how much materials to order for your project?

Call us at 631-874-6244 with your length, width and depth of the project area.

We can do the rest!  


*Part of the appeal of Natural stone is it's unique character-

Therefore, we can not be held responsible for natural variations in color, veining or texture.

Drainage Rock


DYED MULCH: The nontoxic colorants tend to "set" once the mulch is spread-out and dry. Up until that point, colorants can rub-off on hands, clothes and pavement. It's recommended that you work with dyed mulches on a dry day, when there is no rain in the forecast.

* Please Note Spreading  with rain might also lighten Dyed mulches.