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*Formerly wesemanns sand & stone. 


At Wesemanns Sand and Stone, we offer a diversity of choices to help you create the landscape of your dreams. We can supply you with materials from your concept landscape design to the stone gravel of your choice.

Find all the material you need under one roof!

Leave no stone unturned to make your property unique! Whether you want to upgrade the look of your patio with stone or want a natural look with boulders, you'll find only top-quality material with us.

Bulk Materials available for your beautiful exteriors

Masonry bottom Masonry top

I. Bulk Masonry Material:

         A. Fine Sand

         B. Concrete Sand

         C. Clean Fill

         D. RCA

         E. Concrete Screenings

         F. Bluestone Screenings


II. Other Masonry Material:

         A. Portland Cement / Type-1

         B. Masonry Mortar / Type-S

         C. Masonry Lime

         D. Sakrete Concrete Mix

         E. Sakrete Mortar Mix / Type-S

         F. Thin Set

                   a) Grey

                   b) White

         G. Polymeric Sand

                   a) Beige

                   b) Charcoal

         H. Concrete Wire

                   a) Large Roll – 5x150, 750 sq. ft.

                   b) Sheets – 5x10, 50 sq. ft.

         I. Wire Lath

         J. Tar Paper

         K. Rebar

         L. Cement Block

                   a) 2” Cement Block

                   b) 4” Solid Cement Block

                   c) 4” Hollow Cement Block

                   d) 6” Cement Block

                   e) 8” Three-Hole Cement Block

                   f) 8” Two-Hole Cement Block

                   g) 10” Cement Block

                   h) 12” Cement Block

                   i) Full Chimney Cement Block

         M. Flue Pipe

                   a) 8x8

                   b) 8x12

                   c) 12x12

         N. Thimble

                   a) 6”

                   b) 8”

         O. Fire Brick

         P. Used Brick



Choose our services to find everything you need to make your home exteriors beautiful!

Call us for efficient and quick stone service!


Want masonry items or supplies to keep snow off your lawn? Contact us for bulk straight salt, magnesium chloride pellets in 50 lb bags, winter gloves, and much more!